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The Lord That Wars For You!!!

Have you ever read a scripture in the bible a million times it would seem but God has a way to speak to us that is mind blowing on that same scripture? That's how I feel about Psalms 24. It has been a scripture in my life that God has constantly spoken into and with each conversation I find myself mind blown by what he teaches me.

Today I want you to see the power of Gods word over you today. Psalms 24 tells us that God is the King of Glory. To only turn around and tell us that he is strong and mighty in battle. How does the two connect? Imagine a king that is over a specific country, a territory and it is announced to you that this King is the King of the kings of that nation. Now imagine the next thing that is said to you is that king is fighting for you! Yes do see it. All the resources of that kingdom is now fighting on your behalf. You have no reason to hang your head low or even to question if you will win in that battle. The King is warring for you!

I want you to see this picture so clearly because the days of wallowing in defeat are over. Psalms 24 opens up by saying the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof...the world and the people in it! Verse 3 goes on to ask who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? All the earth at its highest peak belongs to God, just as the highest heavens does as well. This is his domain and in this domain, God reveals his glory to you and then declares that glory...the greater glory is fighting on your behalf.

So why are you allowing oppression, depression, fear and anything else thrown by the flesh and the enemy defeat you. I believe that God is revealing to us that we have been dependent upon our own ability long enough. God desires to war for you. His strength is greater. His might is greater. Its time now to open up ourselves to God's knocking. Welcome his presence that is so ready to enter into the spaces and places we need God.

I hear the Lord declaring, "I am warring for you. Victory is no longer near but it is hear!"

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