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My Story.

Thank you for connecting with me today!  

My name is Elisha J Kemper and I am honored that you are in this dialogue with me today!  Of all of the many things that God has blessed me to do, my greatest gift is the anointing to unlock the voices of so many women and men in the place of prayer, intercession, purpose,  boldness and so many avenues where their voices need to be heard. I am passionate about Gods children and that his children gain the revelation of their Identity in Christ.

Through my own experience with childhood rape and abuse, my identity was rooted in all the wrong things and I struggled to see that my voice/perspective mattered.  My voice was silenced but it was in the place of prayer that God unlocked me.  He took me off mute.  It was before his face that God delivered me of insecurity, fear, rejection, shame and so much more to bring me into the revelation of adoption in Christ Jesus.  From that place of prayer, Holy Spirit ignited my heart with his fire, anointed my voice with his passion and placed this key to unlock voices in my hands.   

I am so humbly blessed to be a Prophet in the body of Christ, an Executive Pastor, and  A mother to 4 amazing children and most importantly, A daughter to an Awesome God.  

I believe you are here today because God desires for you to be unlocked

in prayer, in intercession, your identity in Christ, in purpose

and so much more.  Im excited to partner with you

in this season of your life!  Lets connect!


God Bless You!!!
Elisha J. Kemper

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