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"Are you prepared to challenge cultural norms through the power of intercession and witness transformative change in the lives and territories surrounding you?"

"Let's be real—there are times when delving into the depths of prayer can be quite overwhelming."

"Discovering your calling as an intercessor is one thing, but if you're currently grappling with challenges in your personal prayer life, the idea of adding another layer to your conversations with God might feel overwhelming.

You might have admired the prayers of others, but instead of inspiration, it may have left you feeling ill-equipped in the realm of prayer. I understand! I've been there, too. In my own life, when issues of identity and rejection crept in, it felt like every purpose my prayer life was meant to serve, both personally and for others, was tossed out the window.

One day it all changed for me.  It was the day God invited me into an opportunity to pray a prayer that would save someone's life.  He did it in a way that I could not deny that it was connected to my intercession.  As much as those around me were willing to accept the outcome of this person's life, God put a holy DISRUPTION in my Spirit that said, "No, God has another way!"


"Don't let these challenges hold you back. Take the initial step to enrich your prayer journey—empower yourself and amplify the impact of your intercession."



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We bring together intercessors who desire to be catalysts for change through prayer and intercession..



Through the power of unity & agreement, we unite our prayers, intercede for breakthrough, and witness the transformation of our lives, cities, and nations

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We teach you how to turn your living room into a holy altar of prayer and intercession for your life, family, cities and nations

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