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Bring it to me...I got it.

How vital it is to hear God in the place of prayer but how often we do not because of our will that is so loudly in the way. This is what happened to King Saul in 1 Samuel 13. He was given instructions from God through Samuel to wait 7 days and Samuel would come to Gilgal to sacrifice burnt and peace offerings unto God. It was there in Gilgal Saul's kingdom was meant to be establish forever.

Saul's kingdom was not establish forever though and it was all because Saul missed the command of God. It’s easy for us to judge Saul without ever stopping to look at ourselves. How often is our response to God like Saul’s? Bring it to me. I got it! Saul took the ephod and stood in the place of priest, deciding that the way God instructed Samuel was just not quick enough for him. You see, Saul felt like he was losing ground and losing soldiers against the threat of this great Philistine army. Saul lost sight of who God is, just as we so often do.

How often have your actions reflected Saul‘s response? Bring it to me. I got it. Bring me the problems, the weight and the stress. I can handle it! I got it. Only to find ourselves so weary of problems that are not worse than they were. More stressed out than we’ve been. Without joy, peace or hope for our future.

Saul lost his future because he decided to not hear and obey God in his present. Don’t let that be you. Patience really is a virtue and often the best thing we can do in the most pressing situations is to wait on God‘s timing and obey his instructions. Just as Saul found out the hard way, your purpose…your future is dependent on it.


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