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Arise to New Life

That is cry that I hear as we transition from this year into the year of 2022. I believe that for so many we have been lulled to sleep by the on demand of content, church and working from home. I was awaken to this word as the Lord showed me so many women standing upon a battlefield , dressed in their war attire with swords lifted in air declaring Arise!!!!! What a vast amount of women that stood before! So many that it was seeming no end!!!

It is time for you to Arise from what the last couple of years have laid upon you. The season has shifted and you must shift with it! Isaiah 60:1-2 tells us in the message translation to GET OUT of bed!!! Wake up. Put your face in the sunlight!!! This new year God is calling you to ARISE!

-Arise to the release of new Joy

-Arise to the release of Praise

-Arise to the release of Freedom

You cannot remain debilitated and grieving any longer. You must shift...

God came to Samuel in 1 Samuel 16 and commanded him to Arise from his state grieving. Not because his grieving is wrong but rather that he had grieved too long the removal of Saul as king. Though he loved him, God had shifted and Samuel's mandate as a prophet was to follow God, period. I pray that you would see this conversation is not about Samuel. He has lived and died! This is about you! Are you still grieving over something that God has moved on from? Are you holding on to a something or someone in a season that has passed? It's time for you to ARISE TO NEW LIFE!!!! To Shift..TO HEAR GOD FOR THE RIGHT NOW...


It's what God declared to Samuel...Arise, Fill your Flask with Oil And Go!!!!

1. It's time now to ARISE!!!!! Let Go of What Was and Move Forward!!!

2. Fill your Flask With Oil!!!! Prayer and the Presence of God is crucial! You need guidance and direction as you step into this new season....

3. Go!!!!! Obey what God has declared and Follow Through...


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