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A Fatherly Acceptance

I think identity is just one of those topics that we, as believers, will continually grow into until the day we die or Christ returns. The deeper we go in Christ and the higher God takes us, its like beginning again on another level.

This week was a tough one for me. I started my first public prayer and fasting times since beginning my public prayer ministry. Emotionally I really felt it. So many things came to make me question if I was even the right person for this. I had "wake up on the wrong side of the bed mornings". this whole week. This topic of "being enough" has been a subject my entire life. My fathers abuse at a younger age has followed me for such a long time. Healed in many ways and healing in others. I prayed through these moments...some easily breaking and others were just a push. My breakthrough came in such an amazing moment one afternoon this week as I walking in front of the mirror of my bathroom. As I stood there washing my hands and looking in the mirror, I heard the voice of God whisper to my inner man:

"Elisha, If you only knew how powerful you really are. You feel inadequate because of the position you are seeing things from. You are looking from the eyes of rejection, rather than acceptance. Can't you see you are the daughter of the King of Kings. I own the heavens, the earth and everything under the earth. All that is mine, I give to you."

I stood there mesmerized for a moment. It was a perspective I've never thought about. Romans 8:15 tells of our position of children to God but I have never thought about the weight of what that meant. There is no greater position that we can have than being children of God. There is no title, no possession that could be weightier than belonging to God. That really ministered to me and I pray in this moment that it would do the same for you. Whether the rejection you feel is internal or from other people, these feelings DO NOT supersede who we are in God.

You see, I recognized in that moment my perspective needed a shift. As I prayed with gratitude for being accepted as Gods Own, suddenly the rejection...the worthlessness...the insecurity faded away into the abyss and a strength came...HIS strength came. Here at this place in my life, my identity deepened. My identity was a weapon I could yield against the enemy. I could literally fight with who I was in Christ. How amazing is that?

I pray today that the eyes of your enlightenment would open and that you would see who you are. I pray in seeing it, you would fight far differently than you have before.

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