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42 days of Conversations with God

Course Description

"42 days of Conversations with God" is a transformative and reflective prayer journey designed to deepen your faith, enhance your spiritual connection with God, and empower you to have meaningful conversations with Jesus Christ. Through a combination of scriptural exploration, guided prayer prompts, and meaningful journaling, this course offers a unique opportunity to embark on a profound spiritual journey.

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See What Others Are Saying About EzerU Mentorship and Consulting:



 Joining this program has helped me see myself the way God sees me. I've learned so much about myself. I struggled with rejection, fear, and insecurities. I never loved or valued myself in a way that I should.I am confident, and I know who I am in God. This program helped me address the issues that I was struggling with. I was able to heal from past hurt. I went from being shy, quiet, and insecure to a strong, confident woman of God. This program really helps if you do the work. I am grateful to have Elisha Kemper as a mentor. I was able to trust her and let her in, and I didn't do that with everyone. She helped me and prayed me through a lot of things. This program is worth it. 



Elisha is a great teacher who has a voice and knowledge to help you find yourself, voice and what your called to do in life and where your being led to by God



'Finding Your Voice' with Elisha J Kemper is a mind blowing, eye opening, truth discovering, spirit-filled woke experience that will either ease or thrust you forward in your finding, re-discovering or igniting Your Voice for this generation!  Take the plunge and deep-dive into this anointed course today, no more delay!!


 A lot of the teaching from Elisha established groundwork in me that helped me to not only become the woman I am today but also helped in the life of the other women I now influence. I'll never take her mentoring lightly or forget it. God used her to help me heal and come alive.


This course has been a life changer! I struggled with believing that my voice mattered. I wasn’t’ doing a good job of denying the voice that was actually robbing me of my true authentic voice. These courses caused me to dig deep and to face the hard things that I had accepted about my voice. If you are willing to do the work, you will not walk away the same. Be honest and be open. God spoke so clearly to me about my voice and my purpose and it all came through my willingness to register for this course. Your voice matters! Take this course!

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