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Whole, Not Just Healed

I have been unable to shake this word since the Lord gave it to me two weeks ago. I find that it makes it’s way into every conversation and is the word that so many women I come in contact with needs to hear. So I decided to post it here!!!

God doesn't just want you healed. He wants you whole. I don’t want you to get it wrong being healed is amazing but I find that healing can often point to a singular condition in need of God‘s attention, while wholeness has a way of affecting the entirety of our lives.

It’s the story of the ten lepers in Luke 17:11-19. All received healing from leprosy but only one received wholeness. One that returned with thanksgiving for the turning of his singular condition was saved from his whole life’s condition.

”Well” or ”Whole” in this scripture is the same word for salvation literally in the biblical sense. This man’s return to Jesus‘ feet saved his whole life. I believe that’s a word today for you. Gods wants to make whole the entirety of your life but it requires you to return to his feet. It is there in the place of prayer and praise God desires to heal you of all of the insecurity, fear, doubt, worry, sickness, trauma, drama and dysfunction you have felt stuck in.

This is a word that breaks cycle! This is a word that declares to you YOUR TIME FOR COMPLETE VICTORY is now!!!!

It’s unconventional, I know, to find your self obtaining victory in place of prostration. I get it! It would seem like a vulnerable place that would leave you open to your enemies but it’s not. It’s the place where God can do deep work…heart work…mind work…emotional work…meditation work…

I am grateful for all that God has healed in you! Now return for your WHOLENESS!!!


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