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Is your prayer life about a moment or moments with God?

A few years ago, A friend and I found out that a prophet we followed on social media was going to be in town the following week so we made plans and went to hear him speak. As the service is coming to a close, God began to flow through him and he began to declare the word of the Lord in the lives of many that were there. As you have probably imagined, I was one of those people. That night he said something to me that has stayed with me ever since. He said, "I hear the Lord saying that you are afraid of becoming overwhelmed. That through the dysfunctional things that you desire to be healed from, you feel like its just so much to dig through. God told me to tell you that even if it takes a million moments in his presence, he will heal you from it all, Deliver you and walk with you through it. " It was a word that pulled the blanket off one of my darkest fears and it was a word that delivered me from it as well because it is the word that has brought me before the face of God over and over again, allowing God to deal with the brokenness of my heart and the depth of dysfunction in my life.

This is now the word I want to share with you. I get that too often we just want it to be over with it. A one stop shop of healing every broken place in our lives but reality is that healing is a process and a necessary one. Without process, we may heal from things we will easily allow to become broken again because we are absent process. One of the greatest gifts I was given was learning that God wasn’t trying to rush me through healing but wanted to walk me through it at the pace necessary for me to come out on the other side whole.

God desires moments with you. Moments of transparency, honesty and brokenness but are we willing to have those moments with God. Can I tell you that having a religious mindset toward healing only keeps you and your generations bound? There’s no real benefit but that the kingdom of darkness remains in your life.

God wants moments, not a great prayer once a week but moments where you open your life and invite him into conversation. It’s why John 15 tells us of the fruitful benefit of ABIDING in Jesus. God wants moments with us.


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