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You can hear the Voice of God Too!

Ears that hear and eyes that see— the LORD has made them both. Proverbs 20:12

It can appear to be the simplest statement but it is one that I believe you need to hear. You can hear God's voice, too! It can appear that God's voice is only for the elect. You know, your pastor, an apostle, a prophet but that is far from the truth. It is Gods desire that you have an intimate relationship with him and that your steps would be ordered/directed by him.

Proverbs 20:12 has set with me for years. A constant scripture that I meditate on and declare over myself in times when direction and hearing seems difficult. It has been a consistent reminder that God has no desire for you or I to be blind of his plans for our life. David, in Psalms 139:16, reminds us that our days have been recorded in the book of God. Long before we were formed in our mother's womb, the purpose of God had been set for our lives. God desires for us to know that plan.

I believe that often the greatest difficulty for us in hearing Gods voice in that plan is realizing that God speaks in many ways.

Hearing Gods Voice is his gift to you!

It is impossible for me to number the many ways that God speaks to us but it is vast. I have found that the greatest struggle in hearing God's voice is not to hear God speak but to yield to the way God desires to speak to us. We can make the mistake of limiting God's voice to a dramatic moment where we hear the audible voice of God, while missing the 100 times the Lord has spoken to us in many other ways.


Gods Voice: Speaks to the Heart of Man

There was this amazing moment when the disciples encountered a man on the road of Emmaus (Luke 24) and with this man, they talked about the events of Jesus' ministry, death and resurrection. Upon arriving to their village, they asked the man to remain with them and there they broke bread to eat and it is in this moment the eyes of the disciples where opened to the fact that they were entertaining the resurrected Christ. After Jesus disappeared from their sight, their remembrance of him was not what they saw but how their hearts burned as he spoke with them on the road of Emmaus.

God desires for your heart to burn with his words as he speaks to you. Have you ever had that moment where something seemed to be strongly impressed upon your heart? It was not the audible voice of God but its impression upon your heart was so clear that this is the way you should go, this is the thing you should do or this is where you should remain. God speaks to the heart of man.

Gods Voice: Speaks through Hindsight

Pharaoh, in Genesis 40, has a dream that no one has the ability to interpret and in Genesis 41, the wine dresser remembers through hindsight a young man that interpreted his dream, while in prison. He remembered that the interpretation was accurate and was fulfilled. It is in this moment of hindsight that God uses to expose Joseph to Pharaoh through interpreting this dream and elevating him to the second highest man over Egypt.

Joseph's promotion came not because of the dream interpretation but that the vine dresser remembered. God often uses hindsight in the right moment to remind us of past things spoken or that has happened to speak to us in our today.

God's Voice: Speaks Through Dream

I know I just showed you an instance of God speaking through dreams but I would like to show you another instance in the bible. I believe that one of the greatest ways that God speaks to man is through our dream avenue. Scientifically, why we dream is such a mystery? I believe that is because our dream avenue connects us to the supernatural realm and it is the prominent way that God shares with us, guides us, shows us future things and warns us.

Jacob was on his way to Paddan Aram, in Genesis 28, to find a wife and laid his head to sleep in Bethel on a rock. It is there in Bethel, Jacob falls into a deep sleep and has a dream where God speaks to him concerning his legacy. Upon him awakening, Jacob vows in covenant with God and his life is marked by God's leading from that moment forward. Your dream avenue is an amazing way that God desires to commune with you. The book of Job, in chapter 33, says that God speaks to man in his sleep through dreams and visions.

You Can Hear Gods Voice, Too

I pray that your eyes would become open in this moment to ways that you may have missed God's voice without realizing. May hindsight, dreams and visons, impressions upon your heart become so apparent to you as you go forward. My prayer is that you wont limit God to these expressions of God's voice but that you would see that God desires to speak.

For God does speak—now one way, now another—

though no one perceives it. Job 33:14


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