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From Prayer Purpose Is Birthed

"Through Prayer, God Aims to Awaken Your Purpose... It's the Power of Your Relationship with God... Divine Revelation!

God entrusted the Earth to humanity, granting us authority to govern, subdue, and rule...

That's you!

Every realm of Influence has devoted believers within, but when we focus solely on the religious sphere, we overlook six other mountains equally in need of God's touch.

For many, frustration has arisen from a misidentification of their purpose. Our fixation on church leadership has obscured the importance of Kingdom leadership in education, family, arts and entertainment, government, media, and business.

Your prophetic gifts are invaluable in these areas. God calls forth numerous voices, with apostolic, prophetic, pastoral, evangelistic, and teaching gifts, to influence these mountains. Clarity is crucial to eliminate frustration.

The voices that have shaped your life may have leaned more toward the worldly than the spiritual. This often stems from unresolved trauma, drama, and dysfunction. But for you, that changes now...

God beckons you into deeper prayer to seek understanding: Why blogging holds such significance for you, why you harbor a profound love for children, why your passion extends to matters of government. It's not merely about money or followers, but about how God intends for your voice to impact these realms...

"In God's Company," we embark on every endeavor, and your purpose, aligned with the God, is summoning you."

Elisha J


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