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In a world that often challenges the core of a woman's identity and faith, finding a consistent spiritual routine can be transformative. Built Woman: 31 Days of Affirmations and Prayer is a powerful devotional designed to guide women in establishing a steady and enriching habit of biblical affirmations and prayer.


This 31-day journey invites you to connect deeply with God's promises and discover your inner strength through daily affirmations rooted in Scripture. Each day offers a thoughtful blend of inspirational readings, empowering affirmations, and heartfelt prayers, crafted to uplift your spirit and reinforce your faith.


Whether you're navigating life's challenges or simply seeking a closer walk with God, Built Woman provides the encouragement and spiritual nourishment you need. Embrace the power of God's word, cultivate a resilient faith, and become the woman God designed you to be—strong, confident, and built on a foundation of divine truth.


Join countless women on this transformative path and watch as consistent devotion and prayer reshape your heart, mind, and soul. Start your journey today with Built Woman: 31 Days of Affirmations and Prayer—because you are built for greatness.

Built Woman: 31 Days of Affirmations and Prayer

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